Inexpensive Puma Kid\’s One 17.1 Firm-Ground Soccer Cleats authentic nfl gear


discount nfl, Inexpensive Puma Kid\’s One 17.1 Firm-Ground Soccer Cleats authentic nfl gear, cheap jerseys and hats

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The PUMA ONE 17.1 Jr. is engineered for fit on the foot, fast on the pitch, and feel on the ball. A perfect fit is guaranteed by the evoKNIT sock that creates a supportive and snug fit around the ankle. Fastness is ensured by the boot\’s lightweight and reactive outsole featuring a stud configuration that supports speed. Super thin and soft premium leather provides the ultimate touch and feel on the ball. The PUMA ONE is ready to give players the confidence they need to play their best.

  • Super thin and soft premium leather
  • evoKNIT sock for maximum comfort
  • Lightweight TPU outsole with a mix of bladed and conical studs
  • Suitable for use on firm ground
  • Color: White/Black/Pink
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