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Bring you\’re A game to the field with the Nike® Protegga Shield Soccer Shin Guards. These shin pads feature a ventilated shell with extended foam backing for maximum protection and cool airflow. The anatomical left and right curved compound shells are contoured for an enhanced fit allowing you to focus on the game and not your equipment. Other features include adjustment strapping system and detachable ankle guard.


  • Ventilated shell promotes cool air flow around your legs
  • Extended foam backing offers maximum protection and comfort
  • Compound shell curvature ensures a comfortable, anatomically-correct fit
  • Lightweight detachable ankle guard with booth shape integration provides additional protection and heel comfort
  • Micro and macro adjustment strapping system offers a customized and secure fit
  • Meets NOCSAE standards
  • Model: SP0255-880
  • Nike


  • Height range 4\’7\” to 4\’11\” = XS
  • Height range 4\’11\” to 5\’3\” = S
  • Height range 5\’3\” to 5\’7\” = M
  • Height range 5\’7\” to 5\’11\” = L
  • Height range 5\’11\” to 6\’7\” = XL
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